A user-supported smart-grid simulation tool developed by the US Department of Energy Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.
Welcome to the University of Victoria's GridLAB-D support website.

For a more complete resource see PNNL's GridLAB-D website or the GridLAB-D Project on SourceForge.net.

GridLAB-D Resources Quick-links
Downloads are available from SourceForge for the latest builds on MS Windows 7, Linux and MAC OSX. For other platforms, you must download source code and build the system yourself.

Online documentation for the commonly used features of GridLAB-D is available in the form of MediaWiki pages. Users are encouraged to contribute to these pages to improve the detail, accuracy and helpfulness of the documentation.

Topic index
A topic index is provided in the online documentation to locate documentation related to specific pages. An online search tool is also available.

Many warning, error, and exception messages in GridLAB-D can be cryptic and difficult to understand. The troubleshooting pages provide a list of most known messages with explanation and suggestions on remedies.

User forum (RSS)
The user forum is an online discussion area for users and developers to exchange questions and answers about GridLAB-D.

Bug reports [1]
If you encounter an problem that cannot be resolved using any of the above resources you can submit a bug report to the GridLAB-D project team.

News (RSS)
Get the latest news and announcements from the GridLAB-D project team.

Subscriptions [1]
You can subscribe to news and announcements from the GridLAB-D project team. This is a very low volume feed.

Online training course materials are available.

A list of publications related to GridLAB-D is available.
Source code (RSS) (SourceForge [2])
Access the subversion repository to browse the source code to GridLAB-D versions.

Ticket tracking (RSS) [2]
Access to ticket tracking system to view the resolution status of bug fixes, enhancements, and other issues.

View a list of the current builds and their status.

Developer Documentation
Search documentation for information on developing modules and classes in GridLAB-D.

Documentation Guides
Guide to writing developer documentation for GridLAB-D.

Developer FAQ
FAQ for developers
Explore some demonstrations of GridLAB-D in action.

Feeder models
Browse a set of feeder models used to study smart grid impacts in North America.

Model exchange
Browse and contribute to a GridLAB-D model exchange library.

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  2. Requires authorization from GridLAB-D project manager to post.

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